Season 3 | Episode 3

Embrace the Unknowns with AI
Featuring: NotReal & Francisco de Deus


Embrace the Unknowns with AI

Today’s creatives have incredible new technologies and tools at their fingertips, now integrated into their daily work and process. It’s an entirely new world of possibilities that is literally evolving and expanding by the minute, bringing an onslaught of new opportunities, though also a sense of overwhelm and fear for many. So, how to navigate this wild and crazy time? Hear from creative trailblazers Will McGinness, Sherina Florence, and PJ Pereira on how they are embracing emerging tech and all of the unknowns, messiness, and chaos that comes with it. Learn how to cultivate an explorer mindset that will help you enjoy the ride and enhance your creativity, why play and experimentation should be central to your approach, and ultimately get excited to be a part of shaping this awesome moment in time. 

Silver Member | Pereira O’Dell
Bronze Member | Venables Bell + Partners


Will McGinness | Partner/CCO, Venables Bell + Partners  | LinkedIn

PJ Pereira | Founder/Creative Chairman, Pereira O’Dell + Co-Founder, Silverside AI | LinkedIn

Sherina Florence | ECD at Large | LinkedIn

Special Report: Beyond the Illusion of Success

Milton Gonzalez & Valeria Moreiro| Co-Founders and Creative Directors, NotReal

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Francisco de Deus | Photographer & Creative Maker
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