Season 3 | Episode 2

Rewrite the Path into Advertising
Featuring: Dyana So & Stefanie Brückler


How do You Bring More Exceptional, Diverse Talent Into the Industry?
Rewrite the Path into Advertising.

For years, the most direct path into a great creative gig in the ad industry has involved costly portfolio schools and secondary degrees that cater to privileged people from specific backgrounds. Not surprisingly, the result has been a lack of diversity in our industry. With this in mind, award-winning creative leaders Sam Bonds and Tom Demetriou imagined an entirely new approach grounded in real-world experience, which led to the launch of BarkleyOKRP’s Creative Accelerator program. This wildly successful program gives aspiring creatives the opportunity to join the agency, not as an intern, but in a salaried year-long training program that provides core craft and strategic skills, mentorship, and support in gaining full-time employment (often with BarkleyOKRP). Join us for a discussion on solving the diversity issue once and for all and see if a program like BarkleyOKRP’s could be right for your agency.

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Tom DeMetriou |EVP, Executive Creative Director, Barkley OKRP  | LinkedIn

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Dyana So | Senior Strategist, Deep End @ 160over 90 | LinkedIn

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