Season 1 | Episode 2

Design Principles that Stand the Test of Time


Design Principles that Stand the Test of Time

Design trends come and go; however, a handful of principles endure and help build high-impact, memorable brand work. In this session, leaders from brand and experiential design firm TANK will share these principles, how to put them into practice, and also speak about potential pitfalls to avoid in the design process.

Bronze Member: TANK


Andrew Smiles | Executive Creative Director of TANK

Geoff Donegan | Executive Creative Director of TANK

Jessica Maher | Design Director of TANK

Special Guest:

Tenbeete Solomon | Tenbeete Solomon, better known as Trap Bob is a multidisciplinary artist based in Washington, DC. Her work is socially conscious and frequently inspired by activism and community issues, with an aim to bridge the gap between her audience and her message. Her work can be found in both the digital space and within the community, from instagram gif stickers to murals throughout the DMV area. As the founder of Trap Bob World, LLC, a freelance design and product company, Tenbeete has worked with leading corporations, brands, and organizations including: NASA, Giphy, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Viacom, and Refinery 29. As Creative Director of women-centric creative collective, GIRLAAA, Tenbeete leads execution of all art design and exhibitions for events, promotional materials and other collaborations. Website | Instagram

VISIT: TRAP’S HOUSE @ Shaw Arts Walk | October 15 12-6pm